“Many thanks again for the hospitable, instructive and well hosted afternoon/evening at EuroTec. Also the meal afterwards was super!!! And cosy! Thanks and have a nice weekend!”


“Moreover we received mail again from EuroTec with nice new products. You are doing great! The new items are filed in our computer system from today. Unfortunately we cannot (yet) put all materials on stock, but if a customer needs them we will arrange that they will get the materials in house within 24 hours.”


“Hurray, I finally received them, the 1-piece Ileomate convex drainable pouches. Really a relief after 34 years of struggle with product that indeed was improved over the time, but I kept struggling. So over the years I have really tried everything. Karaya washers and zinc-oxide plasters which I was allergic to, resulting in bursting blisters on my belly. Two-piece systems that made their name come true in the most annoying moments, when a fully filled pouch separated from the flange. Tail clips with a metal strip ended up with a layer of paper, spontaneously bent and piercing into my skin. Cotton covers to wrap around the pouch. With good intentions, but annoying when you have leakage again. These pouch covers were followed by a synthetic ‘mini-dress’ that was one with the pouch. After a shower or a swim it remained wet for hours. And please do not confront me with plastic tail clips, which had a tendency to embed themselves into my groin. According to the leaflet they could say one word: “click”. I have never heard it. I find the bar filter with Gore-Tex a minus point as well. I wanted to test the maximal wear time of the pouch. I went out swimming every day, followed by a 15 minutes steam bath and a cold shower. After 6 days I smelled peril. The stickered filter was leaking. (I consider a filter on a drainable pouch needless. The first thing I do when taking a new pouch is to cover the filter with a sticker. Two things that cost money anyway.) The stoma pouch was still in perfect position. In short, I am really glad with this innovative appliance. I wish you a lot of success with this product”.


“With this mail we want to thank you very much for the really cosy and instructive patient day last Tuesday. It really was a great experience to participate. I found it, with 27 years of stoma experience, very educational to see how materials are manufactured”.


“Some time ago I applied for a sample package and received it. Meanwhile I have tested it and I have to say frankly that I am really very enthusiastic about your skin barrier, the Combimate SuperSoft. This really is of a different world! When I got the material in my hands I thought what a thick wafer, but once free from its release liner and attached to my belly I must admit that it is very comfortable to wear and stays long! So I decided to switch from my current system to your product and I will inform my supplier. I really wanted to share this with you”.