Skinfriendly round stomaplasters white and beige


  • Prevents the borders of the wafers/flanges from ‘bleeding’ flowing, curling, lifting or drying out and is resistant to water when swimming or bathing.[foto]


  • Beige, breathing plaster with a hypo-allergenic adhesive on a solvent base.
  • White breathing plaster with an adhesive on water base - even more skin friendly.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Universal product; can be used with all brands of stoma appliances.
  • Available sizes:
  • Outer Inner Version
    122 mm 58 mm beige
    122 mm 65 mm beige
    122 mm 70 mm beige
    122 mm 77 mm beige
    150 mm 77 mm beige
    150 mm 90 mm beige
    150 mm 98 mm beige
    Outer Inner Version
    122 mm 58 mm white
    122 mm 65 mm white
    122 mm 77 mm white
    150 mm 77 mm white
    150 mm 90 mm white
    150 mm 98 mm white


Order code - beigeOrder code - whiteInnerdiameterOuterdiameterPacked
CMB 1258CMW 125858 mm120 mm30 pcs. 
CMB 1265CMW 126565 mm120 mm30 pcs. 
CMB 127070 mm120 mm30 pcs. 
CMB 1277CMW 127777 mm120 mm30 pcs. 
CMB 1577CMW 157777 mm150 mm30 pcs. 
CMB 1590CMW 159090 mm150 mm30 pcs. 
CMB 1598CMW 159898 mm150 mm30 pcs. 
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