10 cm

23 cm

prolaps flap

15 and 23 cm

Supporting belts for the belly and/or stomas or fistulas.


  • High quality, elastic material.
  • Available with and without aperture.
  • Available with and without¬†prolaps flap.


  • Very skinfriendly material.
  • Simple to use.


  • Can be used with all stoma types.
  • To be measured by an expert.
  • Available versions:
    • Widths: 10, 15 and 23 cm
    • Apertures: none, 60 mm,
    • 72 mm and 83 mm
    • Body size:
    • Small (70-80 cm)
    • Medium (80-90 cm)
    • Large (90-100 cm)
    • X Large (100-115 cm)
    • XX Large (115-130 cm)

ELASTOMATE Support and hernia belts

Width 10 cm

Order codeSize/OpeningBody circumference
SB1060SSmall/60 mm70-80 cm
SB1060MMedium/60 mm80-90 cm
SB1060LLarge/60 mm90-100 cm
SB1060XLX-Large/60 mm100-115 cm
SB1060XXLXX-Large/60 mm115-130 cm
SB1072SSmall/72 mm70-80 cm
SB1072MMedium/72 mm80-90 cm
SB1072LLarge/72 mm90-100 cm
SB1072XLX-Large 72 mm100-115 cm
SB1072XXLXX-Large 72 mm115-130 cm

ELASTOMATE Support and hernia belts

Width 15 cm

Order codeSize/OpeningBody circumference
SB1500SSmall/0 mm70-80 cm
SB1500MMedium/0 mm80-90 cm
SB1500LLarge/0 mm90-100 cm
SB1500XLX-Large/0 mm100-115 cm
SB1500XXLXX-Large/0 mm115-130 cm
SB1560SSmall/60 mm70-80 cm
SB1560MMedium/60 mm80-90 cm
SB1560LLarge/60 mm90-100 cm
SB1560XLX-Large/60 mm100-115 cm
SB1560XXLXX-Large/60 mm115-130 cm
SB1572SSmall/72 mm70-80 cm
SB1572MMedium/72 mm80-90 cm
SB1572LLarge/72 mm90-100 cm
SB1572XLX-Large/72 mm100-115 cm
SB1572XXLXX-Large/72 mm115-130 cm
SB1572SSmall/83 mm70-80 cm
SB1583MMedium/83 mm80-90 cm
SB1583LLarge/83 mm90-100 cm
SB1583XLX-Large/83 mm100-115 cm
SB1583XXLXX-Large/83 mm115-130 cm

ELASTOMATE Support and hernia belts

Width 23 cm right side stoma

Order codeSize/OpeningBody circumference
SB2300RMMedium/0 mm80-90 cm
SB2300RLLarge/0 mm90-100 cm
SB2300RXLX-Large/0 mm100-115 cm
SB2300RXXLXX-Large/0 mm115-130 cm
SB2360RMMedium/60 mm80-90 cm
SB2360RLLarge/60 mm90-100 cm
SB2360RXLX-Large/60 mm100-115 cm
SB2360RXXLXX-Large/60 mm115-130 cm
SB2372RMMedium/72 mm80-90 cm
SB2372RLLarge/72 mm90-100 cm
SB2372RXLX-Large/72 mm100-115 cm
SB2372RXXLXX-Large/72 mm115-130 cm
SB2383RMMedium/83 mm80-90 cm
SB2383RLLarge/83 mm190-100 cm
SB2383RXLX-Large/83 mm100-115 cm
SB2383RXXLXX-Large/83 mm115-130 cm

ELASTOMATE Support and hernia belts

Width 23 cm left side stoma

Order codeSize/OpeningBody circumference
SB2300LMMedium/0 mm80-90 cm
SB2300LLLarge/0 mm90-100 cm
SB2300LXLX-Large/0 mm100-115 cm
SB2300LXXLXX-Large/0 mm115-130 cm
SB2360LMMedium/60 mm80-90 cm
SB2360LLLarge/60 mm90-100 cm
SB2360LXLX-Large/60 mm100-115 cm
SB2360LXXLXX-Large/60 mm115-130 cm
SB2372 LMMedium/72 mm80-90 cm
SB2372 LLLarge/72 mm90-100 cm
SB2372 LXLX-Large/72 mm100-115 cm
SB2372 LXXLXX-Large/72 mm115-130 cm
SB2383LMMedium/83 mm80-90 cm
SB2383 LLLarge/83 mm90-100 cm
SB2383 LXLX-Large/83 mm100-115 cm
SB2383 LXXLXX-Large/83 mm115-130 cm

elastomate prolaps flap

Order codeWidth
PF757,5 cm
PF10010 cm
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