For the development of new products and for the monitoring of our production process and quality control, EuroTec co-operate with renowned international experts which we are proud to introduce to you.

John Edwards is an industrial designer and polymeric engineer. It was he, who at the time, invented the first 2-piece ostomy system with a ‘Tupperware’ locking ring, introduced by ConvaTec in the late seventies. This very successful system revolutionised the entire ostomy world and it has been adopted and further developed by most other manufacturers since. It became the standard in the management of stomas and fistulae. John Edwards still contributes a lot to the designs of our products today.

The chemist dr. Roger Lipman, specialized in medical adhesives has made important international contributions to the development of stoma appliances and advanced wound dressings. Roger developed a number of skin protective adhesives based on his ‘Classic Stoma Adhesive’ without the addition of synthetic elastomers. This is the type of hydrocolloid used by EuroTec for our skin protective wafers and 1-piece pouches, because this formulation has proven to be reliable and extremely skin friendly.

lipman John-edwards2
Dr. Roger Lipman John Edwards